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Toenail Fungus Removal is Harder Because of New Strands – Find Out How to Remove Toe Nail Fungus

Daniel Kooper asked:

Toenail fungus is completely nasty and unfortunately with the new strands that our out today, it is even harder to remove it. Luckily though, there are tons of things you can try. Always follow these tips to help protect against foot fungus, and how to remove it all together.

For toe nail fungus protection

Wear footwear out in public areas – always wear footwear in public places like showers and bathrooms. This is one of the worst places for foot fungus. Always wear shoes when outside if possible. Don’t wear socks when you sleep – sweaty socks are teaming with bacteria. Always take them off when you go to sleep at night.

For the removal of nail fungus:

Cut toenails as low as possible – Trim your toe-nails down as low as you can without hurting or cutting too close to the sensative skin area. Then soak in vinegar – Vinegar works to cure acute nail fungus infections. However, it won’t work on heavier infections as vinegar won’t be able to make it to the root of your nail fungus infection. Try Listerine foot baths - Sometimes vinegar won’t work depending on the strand of foot fungus. I have heard from a  lot of people that listerine foot baths work well – however keep in mind for any foot bath you need to soak your feet in there for at least 20-30 minutes/day for a number of weeks.

If you have a heavier nail fungus infection, home remedies aren’t enough – If you think you have a heavier infection, check out my resource box below for a good solution.


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Nail fungus?

Scenic Point asked:

My boss’ wife – a manicurist – recently inferred that I have nail fungus. Was this because my nails are thick and tips white or, because my nail beds were cloudy and scuffed at the time because I had been working with a lot of heavy lyes and detergents? Natural french nails aren’t by themselves a sign of nail fungus are they? My recovered nail beds are a shiny rosy pink though yes, my tips are white and my nails are thick and will usually grow until I cut them. My nails have always been just the way they are now. My hair is long and thick, too. I always thought they correspond to each other though I may be wrong about that. (Women can be so snide…..)


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What health insurance plans cover toenail fungus medication and nail removal surgery?

tnfyh asked:


I suffer from toenail fungus, and I’ve tried ALL home remedies available without success. I’m also about to buy health insurance. I thought I would take this opportunity to finally visit the doctor and get rid of this problem. My questions are:

1. Which health insurance plans offer the best coverage to treat toenail fungus?
2. Do they cover the medication and the surgery required in some cases to remove the toenail?

Thank you for all your help!


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