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Will I be able to have a pedicure done?…?

From what I can gather, I have an accessory nail of the fifth toe ( on both feet. So basically, it looks like I have 2 toenails on each of my pinky toes. It is genetic & has always been there.

I’ve only just discovered that this is what it is, after years of self consciousness. I read somewhere online that someone said it is a bit inconvenient when getting a pedicure so I was just wondering if anyone would be refused because of this?
I would be so embarrassed if a nail technician refused to work on me because she didn’t know what the hell was up with my weird looking feet! Lol. It’s not a contagious nail fungus or anything, so I don’t really see the harm. Just checking.

Is anyone here qualified as a nail tech? Have you experienced a client with this? Would you refuse treatment?

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