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All About: Tea Tree Oil

Spitting out all info I know about tea tree oil and how I use it. Eyes: vasanti-manhattan pallet e/s clinique-black gel liner lord & berry-black kohl e/l maybelline-lash stiletto mascara Face: mac-studio fix powder bare escentuals-glee eyeko-tinted cream free shipping + gift code: E1901 Lips: vaseline mac-honeylove l/s mac-angel l/s Follow me!

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25 Comments For This Post

  1. tjtank20 Says:

    *coUGh* im a guy and i use tea tree lotion when i shave. it works =)

  2. myhelle415 Says:

    This stuff is awesome! I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks now for acne and it works wonders! Whenever I have a blemish, I just put a drop on it and its gone within a couple of days.

  3. 01thrilla Says:

    Thanks for the review ; ) you damnn cute boo

  4. danners2003 Says:

    @bluegarry99 what u on about? theres nothing wrong?

  5. melaniebaby09 Says:

    im english soooo loving the england flag lol =D

  6. gamermicha3l Says:

    Haha cutt the grass right now I know huh. Nice video you got beautiful eyes…

  7. firelotus117 Says:

    I don’t dilute it, but really it works either way. And you could apply it with a clean finger, a cotton ball, cotton pads, or a Q- tip(I use the Q-tip ) or some brand come with their own applicator, so…however you feel most comfortable…

  8. peytonboo123 Says:

    @XOXOhollymarieXOXO my piercer recommended it to me so im sure its fine and i googles it and it looks like people use it for that and it works

  9. FabulousChick105 Says:

    does tea tree oil remove ear cartilage bumps?? and do u have to dilute it?

  10. CarmenStation Says:

    LOL@ cant live without it. I know what you mean. I bought it because I went to thread my face, and i got red bumps all over. They were itchy big and red, and nothing helped. So I got tea trea oil and it worked amazing.

  11. jojora7722 Says:

    i dont like the smell but it still kinda works sooooo oh well im gonna use it anyway :D

  12. 02Mirou Says:

    how come this girl isnt a makeup guru ??!!!! she is better than many of most of the gurus !!! her tutorials are amazing !!!!!! plus she has so many subscibers and views !!!

  13. bluegarry99 Says:

    Hi Please don’t get offended, Is there Something wrong with your bra or your boobs? Or its just a mannerism? 1:11 1:20 2:15 4:45

  14. bluegarry99 Says:

    @midgetmakeup How many drops do you put in the Proactive Repairing Lotion? and how do you mix it?

  15. boobitch252 Says:

    trying to huke up =]

  16. oldmanwithers1 Says:

    @mizzbsf just curious how exactly should i apply it? like dilluted (i have sensitive skin) using a cotton bud tip?

  17. NegativeGirl89 Says:

    I heard that tea tree oil can actually be really damaging to the skin long term? Is this true?

  18. katheebee94 Says:

    found it. lol. nvm

  19. 1hmm2 Says:

    When I first put tea tree oil on my skin, it burned terribly, but that’s what makes it work… it kills the bacteria. Now it doesn’t burn quite as much, and I have to say it does help with acne. It doesn’t cure it, but it’s definitely a decent treatment.

  20. PunkRockAkatsuki Says:

    I love tea tree oil. itworkwonders for acne! Ireally enjoyed your video. thank you

  21. MissIrene85 Says:

    LOL third nipple……I feel you on that one… sister’s have always used it for their acne and now that I’m breaking out it’s become my holy grail for real! Great Review!

  22. 14dancinQueen14 Says:

    you do know its pronounced clen-sir. not clean-sir. lol ur skin looks go tho!

  23. ramstein23 Says:

    OK this the part when I say it like stewie griffin…… I like you!!!

    This biach just tough me a new word “plethora”, and she made me laugh….That’s rare on a girl these days.. Good fo u.

  24. ruialbufeira Says:

    you are soo beautiful
    thnx for the video:D

  25. cruedad Says:

    WOW ! your beautiful;)

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