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Arnold & Stephanie ~ Overcoming Candida & Toe Nail Fungus with a Fruit and Leafy Green Lifestyle

ArnoldsWay asked:

Stephanie has been raw for 7 months, and doing a typical gourmet (nut, seeds, coconut oil, super foods) which helped her get to where she is now. About a month ago she has changed lifestyles to a mostly fruit and leafy greens because her fungus and candida did not show that much improvement. Now its been 11 days of zero fat, and she’s seeing significant improvement in the toenail fungus and lots more energy, clarity, more happiness, more loving, and lots of hugs!


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10 Comments For This Post

  1. MGillDesign Says:


    coconut oil should not be avoided. It’s composed of 50-60% lauric acid (found in human ****** milk) and is anti-fungal, viral, and good for healing candida.

    Its saturated fat content is medium chain fatty acids that the body burns like a carbohydrate instead of storing as fat.

    Coconut oil for a month applied externally and 3.5 tbsp internally (smoothies/cooking oil) daily will kill the skin fungus .

    Coconut oil does not clog arteries or promote weight gain. Must be virgin, unprocessed.

  2. porkyo123 Says:


    How do you rebound

  3. 2cgod Says:


    Stephenie, kudos to you for sharing your afficition. Tree tea oil sometimes helps, as does drying your toes with a blow dryer. It is a most stubborn thing, a foot doctor will tell you that also. Good luck!

  4. rainbowallstars Says:


    i loved the happy ending after the happy vid , this is what true friendship is , yes , yes , yes , this is a superb vid ,

  5. rainbowallstars Says:


    4:37 me still smiling :)

  6. rainbowallstars Says:


    0:37 i am smiling so much about this :)

  7. donnabronson Says:


    Thank you for keeping me real. I was just about to go buy a coconut to make cacao fondue.

  8. green2lean Says:


    Okay, just saw the end of the video. I tend to type comments before the whole video is over. You really should do foot soaks. ACV, mineral salts and Epsom salts, making even some baking soda.

    Try tincture of iodine and oregano oil – alternating. I think that will work wonders. If not, try tea tree oil but I am aware of great success with iodine and oregano oil for thick, discolored toenails like that.

  9. green2lean Says:


    Funny you just mentioned a watermelon fast. I had just started to recommend a watermelon fast to you and was typing just as you mentioned it in the video. I’d shoot for 3 to 30 days. Start with 3 and see how you feel. I see no reason you couldn’t do it for at least a week. Measure your ph of saliva and urine 3 times a day for a couple of days before you start. You’ll be surprised how alkaline you will get in 3 days of watermelon. I have spiritual reasons to believe watermelon fasts heal.

  10. green2lean Says:


    Is the fungus on your toe nails or skin? If the nails, try putting oregano oil on your toe nails twice a day. Also soak your feet in mineral salts or Epsom salts and warm water for 20 minutes a day. You can get a tub just big enough for your feet at Wal-Mart. You may have tried these already but I’d be surprised if that didn’t work. I do agree diet can also help but sometimes fungus needs to be treated topically.

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