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Cleaning out your nose!

How to clean out your nose with a Nose Bidet, or a Neti Pot. In my case, a tea kettle! HOW TO CLEAN YOUR SINUSES! Watch out for my upcoming videos as I will be doing nose tricks throughout Southern California!

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25 Comments For This Post

  1. XxGorexCelxX Says:

    Does this hurt like when you go swimming and get chlorine water in your nose? o:?

  2. sweetypie000 Says:

    its hot ! its hot ! oh evil mofo !! why didn’t you say don’t use boiling water????????? wtf wtf :P

  3. ScarFace9797 Says:

    lol no

  4. comets69 Says:

    do you serve your friends tea from that kettle?

  5. exxmodel Says:

    breathe out of your mouth tard

  6. Depthcurse Says:

    Wow this makes me breath much better :D thank you. 5/5

  7. orthodoxdragon1 Says:

    now i know why its called green tea

  8. bkakaak47 Says:

    is the water coming out of your ear

  9. hellolloiddx3 Says:

    You look, and sound filipino!
    Youre so hot! *_____* <3

  10. friedhand Says:

    you watch oprah dude?

  11. bastlenicom Says:

    omg this man left a mental hospital :) )

  12. DCFunBud Says:

    Oprah uses a whole coffee pot.

  13. Chillednfunked Says:

    LOL, very amusing.

  14. BeXxish Says:

    um i hope your not gonna use it again unless you wanna find a green jelly in your tea!

  15. coltlloyd Says:

    oh by the way, I tried this when i got home the other night, it was awesome, I just warm water and salt. However, i had a slight problem with the water draining into my mouth. Discusting. lol Most ran out the other nosterl tho and it did work, instant sinus releaf.

  16. bean432 Says:

    you didn’t mention what was in the kettle???

  17. coltlloyd Says:

    can i marry you. super hot.

  18. coltlloyd Says:

    omg you are fuckin hot.

  19. badmonkey925 Says:

    you’re so cute! =)

  20. garioldwin Says:

    yeah that would be nice way to clear them but some people have closed nose so it’s impossible.

  21. winxniw Says:

    Um, ouch that looks uncomfortable. I wouldn’t use an older teapot though.. Gritty limescale can’t be a good thing for your sinuses. Make sure it’s properly cleaned with something like polydent or a vinegar and bakingsoda mixture.

  22. Neur0ticism Says:

    I’m using a pot too. SMART MAN :D

  23. autumngrief Says:

    If it stings you didn’t use enough salt.

  24. SISTERSForYou Says:

    LOL. A tea pot!! Great idea :]

  25. jasonmhc Says:

    man opra meant you gotta shove it up your ass for colonic irrrigation! thats what comes from only watching half a show! lol only kidding! i just tried it and it stings like shit! not the colonic i mean! lol

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