Fungus Fix: How to Treat Nail Fungus

PeoplesPharmacy asked:

Learn how to treat nail fungus from Pharmacologist Joe Graedon of the popular public radio show, The People’s Pharmacy.


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25 Comments For This Post

  1. IAteSomeCorn Says:


    @LazyChristy try vicks vapor rub it cured my toenails and they were horrible, im 18 and i had fungus for as long as i can remeber, i just put a heathly layer of the rub on my nails and in a few weeks the problem went away, i did it once a night and let it soak in and in the morning i could see a difference, please just give it a try i know it sounds weird…lol but it worked for me and i want to help you

  2. IAteSomeCorn Says:


    VICKS VAPOR RUB WORKS!!!!! i had terrible toenails and i mean terrible like half inch hick yellow mess. i tried all the soaking remedies with no result i even tried listerine. listen to me i want to help you i put vicks vapor rub on and in two days i noticed a change. i put it on once before i went to bed everynight for a week and my nails look great (well compared to what they used too) idk why vapor rubs works but i decided to try it and it worked. Please just give it a try it really works

  3. jposh707 Says:


    Soak yer feet in turpentine.

  4. bmgtt45 Says:


    There is no cure for toenail fungus. The products are only there to take your money because you become so desperate for a cure. Even the new technology of laser treatments have only an 88% success rate. This also will cost you $1200 for something that has no guarantee. Face it you are stuck with your fungus until you die. I have had my fungus for 10 years now and I have tried everything to get rid of it including oral medication and nothing ever worked.

  5. Congest Says:


    I think I’ll try that. At least vinegar is pretty cheap.

  6. bdkennedy1 Says:


    I tried Vicks Vapor Rub and that did nothing.

    Then I tried a 50/50 mix of Apple Cider Vinegar and water. Not wanting to have to sit there and soak my toes in it, I put the mixture in a spray bottle. In the morning after I shower, I spray my feet and nails with it generously and put my socks on.

    The vinegar smells, but the smell doesn’t last long once your sock airs out. (About 10 minutes).

    It’s been about 2 months and the fungus is 90% gone.

  7. samhainaz Says:


    I think he forgot witch hazel, alcohol, floor cleaner, orange oil, bleach, toothpaste, and a whole bunch of other things.

    I think ill stick my feet in bleach or put bleach on cotton and band aid em to my toes lol

  8. tencutty Says:


    first he says it’s very hard to cure then he gives a dozen surefire remedies! What a quack!

  9. dreamsweavers Says:


    you need oral medication dum butt

  10. kat21sd Says:


    Bleach works also

  11. deanyorks Says:


    I think it also depends on the climate you live in. I have just been in Turkey where the temperature was more than 105F. I spent most of my days in the sea & didn’t wear socks in the evenings. My toenails grew REALLY quickly during that holiday – and I also noticed that the sea-salt water helped. Around the hotel pool, I couldn’t help noticing how many other ppl had the same problem – French, Germans, Eastern Europeans – I saw many bad cases.

    Anyway, I’m gonna try vinegar next. Cheers!

  12. SamFreedom Says:


    I’m sorry to say I got lazy and quit after several days but I’m going to start it again. What you said was relayed to me… but that is why treatment needsd to be continuous until the healthy nail grows in otherwise the infection can jump the healthy part and get back into the cuticle somehow.

    But when I was doing it, it was like the vinegar was really soaked into my skin… it was saturated No way fungus can grow in that environment. Just gotta start it again.

  13. deanyorks Says:


    You say “after a couple of days, you could see white growing back”. How long have you actually been treating your toes with this method? I sincerely hope it is working for you, but just because your toenails appear to have become “white” doesn’t necessarily mean the infection has gone.

    Message me in a few months and let me know if you had any success!

  14. SamFreedom Says:


    No, I don’t think you’re right and I hope you’re wrong but here’s why… I have it on one of my toes and I did two things. At night, when I’m on the internet, I soaked both feet in a 1:1 mixture of vinegar and hydrogen peroxide. I’m not sure the hp is needed but the vinegar is… I let it soak for 2 hours the first night and then went to bed with a tea-tree oil-soaked cotton ball over my toenail, fastened by tape.

    After a couple of days of doing this, I could see the white growing back out!

  15. deanyorks Says:


    I’m not convinced t-tree oil actually works. Infact, I’m beginning to think once you’ve had this infection, you are stuck with it for life.


  16. deanyorks Says:


    I have now come off my medication from the doctors. I am now using t-tree oil, however, I am sorry to say my infections appear to be returning again. This is SO annoying for me, as I have worked really hard at getting rid of this.

  17. rachel19977 Says:


    So what did you do to fix it after?

  18. rachel19977 Says:


    How did you do it? Did you put Vicks on and on top with a band aid? How long did you leave it on/how many times a day/week did you put the VicKs on? What is Nitrate 2%?

  19. LazyChristy Says:


    would it work faster if I clipped my nails as much as I could and then try to use one of these or several of these solutions combined? I.e. cutting my nails really short then soaking them all in a mixture of 1/3 listerine, 1/3 vinegar, 1/3 water? I will try this and update whenever I see results. I hope people out there are getting the results they’ve been seeking for. This condition is really embarrassing for me. I paint my nails all the time because of it :( .

  20. LazyChristy Says:


    I’m 17, I’ve had toe nail and finger nail fungus as long as I can remember :( . I used to have a bad habit of biting my nails, probably caused my nail fungus… and when I was little, I never cared about drying my feet properly whenever I went swimming and stuff. I didn’t know those kinds of stuff would have such horrible effects. I have it infected on all fingers, except my thumb on the right hand. I had some healthier nails 2 years back but most is infected now:( I’m willing to do what it takes

  21. jrubball Says:


    You can easily remove the fungus by clipping your toe just behind the nail with hedge clippers. Your fungus will be instantly removed. No joke.

  22. legoboy404 Says:


    i agree with you

  23. Voicewithin74 Says:


    The laser method works 88% than any other medication.

  24. RoyalHim Says:


    I took lamisil for six months.
    And tried all the quacks he said, still have fungus.

  25. informativevideos1 Says:


    hey people check out my page for a video of me sawing off my fungal infected toenail with a hack saw…!

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