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I’m back.

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25 Comments For This Post

  1. premed2 Says:


  2. kingsize566 Says:

    It isn’t often the word malodourous is slipped into monologe so smoothly. Excellent presentation.

  3. premed2 Says:

    Sounds like you are a bit down and out. You’re best bet is to attend a fetish party. That’s what I do. Btw, most girls that go to such events are into sexual experimentation and have PC’s. You might get doubly lucky!

    Some have Mac’s though—not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  4. CadicusTheDamned Says:

    Girlfriend and Mac are gone now. Easy come, easy go, I suppose. She took off with my punk pants though. Those were a friggin’ elaborate work of art that my dead mother-in-law sewed for me. Ah, well, you know women. They tend to be lying and manipulative. Sometimes, I really wish I was a fag. They must have it easier.

  5. dewonthegrass Says:

    I fave’d this. You were unsurpassable! :D

  6. premed2 Says:


  7. premed2 Says:

    Don’t know. Perhaps it is the work of…


  8. marowak1337 Says:

    Hm, FFreeThinker recently uploaded a shortened version of this vid and it is now set as private, wtf?

  9. PaineLover Says:

    Yeah, those damn atheists trying to ram logic and reason down peoples throats, and taking away the christians god given right to teach the bible in school science class. How dare those uppitty, dawkins lovin’ godless heathens disrespect the Lord and try to take our source of comfort away. Anti-american , I tell ya!

  10. premed2 Says:

    A God for everyone is the best God of all. Nonexistence is not conditional on this quality, it is simply a state which confers greater stature as explained in this vid, and therefore necessitates God’s nonexistence, since an existent being who is both omnipotent and omniscient, is clearly inferior to one who has these attributes, but has no existence.

  11. premed2 Says:

    Thanks for adding this vid to your favorites.

    Again I can’t figure out if you are being serious, half-serious or not serious at all. If you are being serious, that is a serious mistake since I was not. If you are being half-serious, why so wishy washy? If you are not being serious, that’s my #1 guess, then I shall answer in kind..

  12. PostmodernAnomaly Says:

    So, a God for everyone isn’t a God at all ,right?
    Not necessarily. A God for everyone might complete everyone in ways that their wishes may have either mislead them or absolutely lied to them about the truth.

    Because a being that is imagined is easier to make than a God that is does not necessitate that all imagination is completely wrong.

    Suppose you had the imagination of Einstein and could apply it to a workable hypothesis?

    Universe has characteristics x, y, z, and as for omni . .

  13. MouseHusic Says:

    I know! I was like, “Man, you don’t see this everyday.”

  14. premed2 Says:


  15. MouseHusic Says:

    my face melted

  16. premed2 Says:


  17. xy11xy Says:

    “hyper-rational pig excrement”, eh?…LOL!

    I used to watch Trinity..blech*..unbeliveable.

    Good video, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

  18. premed2 Says:

    its all me—glad to make you laugh, and thanks for your comment!

  19. LordoftheJamesClan Says:

    omg, the last like 20 seconds was totally worth it. Im curious if you came up with that or if thats some dawkins shit, either way funny.

  20. premed2 Says:

    Good! : )

  21. CaptainFrantic Says:

    I nearly choked laughing about that … Inmendham … HAHAHAHA. *high five*

    I’m feeling much better btw. Responsible self medication helped =D

  22. premed2 Says:

    You’re such a philosopher.

  23. CadicusTheDamned Says:

    My computer is down and I have a new girlfriend with a Mac. I hate Macs, but love plunging porksword into her. I guess life can never be perfect.

  24. premed2 Says:

    — Inmendham —

  25. premed2 Says:

    The before and after shots would make for a great ad!

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