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how can I get rid of fungus toenail have tried everything I can think of please help?

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29 Comments For This Post

  1. shortyxxs Says:

    Hello Magie –

    Try seeing your GP or doctor – fungus can be cured easily with the correct medication…
    Don’t be tempted to touch or fiddle with the "infected" area as that will not help it dissappear.

  2. Rigo Says:

    I came across a Nurse practioner and a doctor that swore by using Vicks on them for a few months.

    Or you could ask your doctor about Lamasil.

  3. Holly G Says:

    go to your doc. he/she will give you a pill

  4. kimberley_a_mobley Says:

    Go to either you FP or a dermatologist. It may take as ong as 6 mothns to totally resolve the fungus. You need to go on meds to relieve it. Good luck!!

  5. trixie3033 Says:

    Hi you need to go to your GP for a prescription of Lamisil tablets. These will clear it up really quick! cheers Trixie

  6. steph j Says:

    it can take months to clear this. Pesevere with a treatment and you should see an improvement

  7. Biskit Says:

    I had a similar issue. My doctor told me that I wasn’t drying my feet well enough after I showered. I made an effort to make sure they were dry before I put socks and shoes on, and the problem cleared up. Also, he told me they may be growing too slow. He suggested getting some Knox gelatin and using that every day to promote nail growth. It is fairly expensive so I never tried it.

  8. michelle a Says:

    Avoid eating sugar and yeast until it is gone. Ask chemist for fungicide treatment and keep feet very dry. Even if it means putting cotton wool between your toes when wearing closed shoes. Also wear cotton socks and if the fungus is only on the surface, you can sometimes file it off.

    It might be that it just needs to grow out but do not be tempted to cut it too short.

    Without knowing more info about where it is exactly, i.e. tip sides or base, then I can’t think of any other ideas. I do know that fungus has to grow out.

  9. Natasha B Says:

    Did you go to the doctor to get a prescription?

  10. wherestheid Says:

    Go pay a visit to you local pharmacy/chemist, and ask them what you need for it. Most likely, it will be a cream you will need to apply.

  11. dm_overton Says:

    See your doctor. I have really bad fungal toenails too.I have tried most things . ive just gotten used to the pain!

  12. SEAN S Says:


  13. ky angel 1952 Says:

    you can try BLIS-TO-SOL it really worked for me.I bought it at walmart

  14. paulae67 Says:

    use that stuff guys use for jock itch.

  15. clickclack81 Says:

    My husband has this on every single toe, it’s ming. He’s now given it to me but fortunatly only 1 toenail has been effected!!! You need to get a prescription from the doctors!! Sorry x

  16. Matt H Says:

    Try Pau D’arko. Go to a health food store and get it in liquid form. (follow directions and take internally) You can also apply Tea Tree or Thyme oil topically. Make sure the oils are 100% essential oils. Auroma, or Yoga living are good brands but their are many others.

  17. Steve_Mcqean007 Says:


    The word onychomycosis simply refers to fungal infection of the nail: "onycho" is Greek for "claw" and mycosis is the medical term for fungal infection of any kind. Though this term may be unfamiliar to most people, the infection, unfortunately, is far from uncommon. In North America, as many as 13% of people may suffer from fungal nail infections, with the incidence increasing with age.

    Early signs of onychomycosis include a yellowish or brownish discoloration of the nail, often starting near the tip of the toe or the fingertip and progressing back toward the cuticle. In some cases a white spot appears and grows gradually larger. The nail may appear to be separating from the nailbed and it usually becomes distorted and crumbly. Onychomycosis remedies tend to work better when started early in the course of the infection. The first step is to get a proper diagnosis from a medical professional, then begin treatment.

    Onychomycosis treatment may require topical application of an antifungal agent or a prescription for an oral medication. Curing the infection tends to take months or years, depending on severity, thus it is better to start in the early stages. Prescription medications for nail fungus infections are relatively new and are still quite costly and plagued with side effects but, because this type of infection has been around since ancient times, there are many home onychomycosis remedies that people swear by. Most of these involve soaking the affected nail in a solution (dilute bleach, vinegar, hydrogen peroxide etc.).

    A third category of onychomycosis remedies have sprung up in response to the high cost and side effects of the prescription drugs – natural or homeopathic products that mostly incorporate essential oils of certain plants or herbal extracts. Though many of these products have not been scientifically tested as antifungals, a few common ingredients are backed up by scientific evidence, the most promising of which is tea tree oil. When selecting a natural product for onychomycosis treatment, one that contains tea tree oil is a good choice.

    Regardless of whether you choose to use a prescription medication, a natural remedy, or a home onychomycosis treatment, it’s a good idea to have a physician confirm that you have a fungal nail infection. Though more uncommon, other conditions can have similar symptoms and should be treated differently

    Home Remedies for Nail Fungus
    Home remedies for nail fungus infections have been popular for many years for a variety of reasons. Fungal nail infections have been troubling people down through the millennia, so people have naturally sought a cure for the problem. Drug treatments for the condition are relatively recent, and they are still expensive and prone to cause side effects. For these reasons, home remedies still outnumber medical solutions. The new global village however, interconnected through the internet, has mixed the home remedy lore of many cultures to create a third group of solutions – alternative and homeopathic remedies for fungal nail infections.

    The most popular home remedy for nail fungus is probably soaking the affected nail in a solution that will kill the fungus. Common soaking solutions contain dilute chlorine bleach, household vinegar, hydrogen peroxide or Listerine mouthwash. It requires daily soaking for weeks or months to clear the infection, and better results are often obtained if the nail is filed from the top to make it thinner, which allows for better penetration. Other home remedies for nail fungus involve the direct application of these same substances, as well as others like Vicks VapoRub and various essential oils. Again regular application over a long period, combined with filing and good foot and hand care bring the best results.

    Tea tree oil, a product from Australia, is among the essential oil home remedies for nail fungus that show great promise. An extract of the leaves and stems of the tea tree, tea tree oil has been scientifically proven to have some antifungal properties, and it appears to penetrate a thick distorted infected nail better than many other topical products. Tea tree oil is available in pure form or in a blend of other ingredients, and is usually applied directly to the affected nail. If you are shopping for an alternative or homeopathic home remedy for nail fungus, those that contain this essential oil are good choices.

    A product from the Czech Republic called Saprox may also be helpful. This is a therapeutic antifungal mud that is particularly recommended for the treatment of fungal skin infections, but it can also be used as a home remedy for nail fungus. The action of this product will likely be enhanced if it is combined with other measures, such as regular soaking in one of the solutions mentioned above. Like all the home remedies for nail fungus this approach will take time, but keep in mind that prescription drugs for fungal infections are slow acting as well, and come with greater risks of side effects.

    Before using any of the home remedies for nail fungus, see your doctor to confirm that your nail is, in fact, infected with fungus. Your doctor can take samples for laboratory testing if the diagnosis is in doubt, and help you decide on a course of treatment that’s right for you.

  18. Don Says:

    Could be to do with your diet. If you eat a lot of sugar then this promotes fungal growth. Also were socks that allow your feet to breath, i.e Cotton socks..Same with shoes, if you wear leather boots everyday then this isnt going to help…

  19. car_craze_gal 1970 Says:

    Lamasil does Not work for everyone
    I tried it 4 times with minimal results
    My fungal infection was very stubborn-
    I wore no nail polish ( it seemed to make it worse)
    I washed the clippers with alcohol after every use and between use of the infected nail and the others
    I used drops of bleach every other night, the other night I used plain white vinegar
    I applied it to the top, around and by gently pulling up on the affected nail was able to get some liq uid under the nail
    even then it still took over a year to get rid of
    Even now, I will not get a professional pedicure { that’s what started the problem}

  20. The alchemist Says:

    Tea tree oil

    First use fine sandpaper to remove some of the lacquer ( i don’t mean nail varnish, not sure what it’s called on nails but if it were teeth it would be enamel) on your nail because it will help absorption of the oil through the nail. Then use a cottonbud (or Q-tip if you are US) soaked in tea tree oil and dab all over, under and around the nail. Ideally you should do it morning and evening and it will disappear slowly.

  21. little weed Says:

    You need to get a prescription from the DR. Treating fungal nail nfections can take up to a year until the infection is gone. Just applying cream for a few days or weeks is no good.

  22. fozzymozzy Says:

    You need to see your doctor.

  23. bhodi 333 Says:

    Hi, have you tried ti tree oil?

  24. fasttrack Says:

  25. jellybelly Says:

    hallo all of the advice above is totally right-definately see a GP about antifungal powders, pills or cream. however also if u have constant fungal infection u should try cutting down sugar in your diet but also make sure u dry your feet properly after cleaning them, and wear cotton socks rather than tights or synthetic materials. oooh and leather shoes are better than trainers because they let your feet breathe…apparently!

  26. bootleg Says:

    consult chiropodist

  27. Linaloe Says:

    Australian tea tree oil from your local health food store it’s brilliant stuff & & can be used for lots of things.

  28. JKJ Says:


  29. sabrina Says:

    Go see a dr or chiropodist. They can prescribe or treat your toenail. They could take toenail clippings and send them to a lab for results. Then proper antibiotic will be prescribed. If you want over the counter treatment, I’ve heard of MYCIL or LAMISIL.

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