How to handle nail fungus?

Vanity asked:

My nails are cracked looking dont hurt or breaking off. Not to hard & I was taking lamisil for the nails but over time it started messing my stomach up and i had to stop, but my nails are still bad looking. will athlete’s foot spray or cream work? any other suggestions what can i do for the nail fungus?


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13 Comments For This Post

  1. kdrck1 Says:



  2. devil boy 61 Says:


    glue gel 2

  3. Gene H Says:


    Uh, I’d say don’t handle it at all. It make get on your hands then. See a doc.

  4. fed up woman Says:


    Ask your doctor for an antifungal cream.

  5. notcha_business09 Says:


    go 2 tha doctor dude!!

  6. canam Says:


    use atheletes foot powder. fungus likes to live in dark moist places. the powder absorbs the sweat taking one element away from the fungus.

  7. bluelightningdragon Says:


    just try some free samples off of walmart tridigital .com they often have free samples for stuff like that. so just google walmart free samples.

  8. PriorityFocusCommitment Says:


    With great care. Also try not getting fungus under your nails, it sounds quite icky :(

  9. TKDMAN121 Says:


    Topical anti-fungal preparations are not usually helpful. On the upside the problem is really only cosmetic. There is no real danger. If it really bothers you then consult your physician and he/she may be able to prescribe some medications that will deal with the stomach upset while taking the Lamisil. Good Luck

  10. pepy311 Says:


    Athletes foot is not nail fungus. You need something that will kill the fungus that grows under the nail and its not that easy. The doctor can proscribe something.

    You can buy over the counter stuff but you must put it on everyday on clean dry feet. Sometimes twice a day. It’s best to keep the nail short and file down the thick nail then put the med on.

  11. Sweetie Says:


    Soak nails in hydrogen peroxide with witch hazel for 3 mins a day. Or soak in an antiseptic like Dettol for at least 2 mins a day and eventually it will grow out and keep cutting the nails but be certain to disinfect the clippers afterwards.

  12. a-mazed Says:


    When I was in manicure school in CA . . . one very helpful instructor told us about a ‘little known’ (and cheap) cure for nail fungus…


    Have not had reason to test this out myself, but, I can’t see how/why it would hurt to try it!
    Best wishes to you in your quest . . .

  13. mechanicoif3 Says:


    Change Girl friends…J/K
    Use 1 part bleach to 3 parts water in a bowl. for 15 mins a day and believe it or not use Vagasil it works!!!

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