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Lamisil Digger

A commercial for lamisil featuing a toenail infection Digger.

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25 Comments For This Post

  1. TheBoricua47 Says:

    i want to know if you are taking this pills and you stop taking this for one day.if ok? nothing hapen because that

  2. Mopoloton Says:

    I love Digger! He’s so ugly he’s cute, and he obviously has a foot fetish.

  3. Rebeccachu Says:

    :O I remember this ad!

    Hahahahaha you stink Digger! xD

  4. garciajayd Says:

    Digger, your going down. Your DAYS ARE NUMBERED!!!! LAMISAL AND I WILL KILL YOU!!!! FOREVER!!!!!!

  5. fasteddie847 Says:

    Digger looks like a fine little pet!

  6. 972895 Says:

    i love this commercial

  7. SaranghamnidaYuri Says:



  8. M0VIES4U2 Says:

    Who came here bacause of AskTGWTH? Come on, fess up.

  9. adidasreebok Says:

    Will Arnett does the voice-over for this, and for GMC’s

  10. fasteddie847 Says:

    Oh Hey Hi I’m Digger the Dematophyte!

  11. JozzyHBR Says:

    This is just nasty

  12. bigthingisling Says:

    Why is digger Italian?

  13. rubyhaleybenjamin Says:

    OH MY GOSH! Will Arnett does this voice over!

  14. cuteh4mster Says:

    eww… now my toenails felt weird..

  15. Bugstomper2 Says:

    Now they have to do a commercial with happy dingleberries bouncing around!

  16. SeXxINaTTi Says:

    ive been taking lamisil and have been fine, my perscip is almost done and my nails look great.. its not about wearing socks.. u can get this from tropical climats, or pools and showers.. i get liver tests every 3 weeks and have been fine

  17. jdance Says:

    A friend of mine nearly died from taking this – her kidneys shut down, her liver nearly failed, and her pancreas was damaged – she was in the hospital for 2 weeks while they kept her on an IV. She’s doing ok now, but what a close call….

  18. DevinWCFHester Says:

    Ok, um, if you are seeing little yellow monsters under your toenails, you don’t need this pill, YOU NEED A PSYCHIATRIST! And god damn, liver damage? To fix YELLOW NAILS?! Heres an idea: Wear socks.

    I would have loved to hear the sales pitch to the FDA for this.

    “This pill will completely alleviate discoloration of your nails (Whispers:) but will do irreversible damage to your liver… but your nails will look GREAT, especially at your funeral.”

  19. Chris242tt Says:

    I wish they would ban them every where!!!!!!

  20. DappleFrost Says:

    All drug commercials are banned in Europe… o_O

  21. bg048 Says:

    I heard that this will fuck up your liver. Even if you got a healthy liver.

  22. Chris242tt Says:

    Yeah,this commercial was banned in europe!

  23. jastarkeyO Says:

    Yeah I did. No clock though. This was like 5 years ago. Maybe they came out with more stuff after I stopped looking. Had no idea there was an actual costume. Must be worth a fortune now that he’s MIA. Ha!

  24. marksecunda Says:

    Of course! Did you get the calendar?

  25. jastarkeyO Says:

    Oh my god. I can’t believe someone else did that too. Did you get the paper clip holder?

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