NEW PinPoint Laser for Toe Nail Fungus

1minxgoddess asked:

Medical Nail Technician- Athena Elliott introduces Dr. Sherman Nagler ,who demonstrates a new laser procedure that kills the pathogens that cause toenail fungus! An Alternative to Topical and Oral Treatments Says It Can Kill Fungus Instantly! … MNT fungus “fungal nail” pedicure “nail salon” “safe pedicures” “new laser” “pin point laser” “cure for fungus” “Dr Nagler” foot feet “Houston Texas” “GMA video” SPAthena “Healthy Feet” “Healthy Pedicures” medinailtech …


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25 Comments For This Post

  1. woojyee Says:


    You aint kidding man, I nearly lost my lunch looking at those rancid toes.. I’ll bet she has no problems putting those claws into sandles lol

  2. luismarrou Says:


    Any in Miami?

  3. Voicewithin74 Says:



  4. zonumb Says:


    OMG…those were a females feet?!?!?

  5. BonBon69247 Says:


    Does this work on discolored toe nails? My boyfriend wants 2 look in2 that, because I always complain when he wears sandals in the summer n all u c is his black toenails, it looks like he is wearing nail polish. Its only on the last few toenails though. but anyway jus wantd 2 kno if that wud work 4 him 2>

  6. md991free Says:


    How much is it? I have had toe nail fungus for years and I have tried almost everything to cure them. Extremely difficult to cure.

  7. liquiterge Says:


    5 stars for the doctor in the beginning.

  8. Faithsdoves Says:


    Probably over one thousand US dollars

  9. jasonmildward34 Says:


    Do’s this realy work and how much do’s it cost?

  10. jasonmildward34 Says:


    how much in u.s Dollors?

  11. Faithsdoves Says:


    A friend had this done. She says it has worked well. Cost about £800 though!

  12. archertrio Says:


    I had an infection on my foot a few months ago, i let the nail grow, but just now the swelling started coming back(at least i think it is swelling), the nail is still growing into the shape that my doctor has cut to remove the previous infection, but i still see some skin tearing off every once in a while, is this infection coming back?And should i be worried?

  13. chivisg007 Says:


    does it hurt ? amd how much is it ?

  14. godleeone Says:


    how much does this cost?

  15. informativevideos1 Says:


    hey people check out my page for a video of me sawing off my fungal infected toenail with a hack saw…!!!

  16. BLAZERS76 Says:


    does it hurts ?

  17. HairExpertFranco Says:


    What is the co’s website?

  18. soulsurvivor2001 Says:


    I’m barefoot whenever I’m at home and remove my shoes as soon as I enter the house. Never had any foot issues.

  19. ToddieM Says:


    I hear that VIx vabor rub story all the time. I even had one patient tell me he ******** on his, and that took care of it.

  20. 1minxgoddess Says:


    Thanks so much Karol!

  21. 1minxgoddess Says:


    Actually these lasers are popping up everywhere.
    you can go to the co’s website and see where they have them :)

  22. 1minxgoddess Says:


    Many times a nail will be separated but not fungal.
    Staying barefoot as often as possible is not practical …and would NOT be recommended for diabetics who are prone to fungal infections. You are correct..fungus thrives in a dark moist environment. Keeping the diagnosed or “suspect” fungal nail dry is important. Vinegar’s purpose is adjusting the PH of the skin and helps to prevent fungus. In 29 years I have not seen Vicks vapor rub get rid of toe nail fungus.

  23. 1minxgoddess Says:


    Some people get fungus and can never get rid of it. Then there are many who have taken treatment and have successfully rid themselves of fungus. Since there are many types, the treatments are different. I don’t see where you comment of Zombie fungus has any relation to the newest treatment for TOE NAIL FUNGUS unless you have it in your toes???

  24. bexola Says:


    Keep your nails trimmed way back, file them every night before you soak them in the vinegar for thirty minutes. Then apply vicks vapor rub twice a day. This could take several months, but it does work. Also, stay barefoot as often as you can because fungus likes to grow in dark warm places.

  25. bexola Says:


    There are natural ways to kill the fungus. Pure tea tree oil works. I had to stop using that because it made my feet super itchy, I think I may have had a reaction to it. So I did some reasearch and found out that apple cider vinegar and vicks vapor rub work. I figured I would use them both…

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