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Re: What Do You Do to Treat Toenail Fungus?

Video response to Dr. Mercola’s video

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25 Comments For This Post

  1. stretcherbearer Says:

    Cured? Hell, i don’t really know if it is curable but it has worked well enough that its barely visible and you’d have to be looking for it to know its there. I still treat it once every two weeks with the bleach and am very happy with the results so far.

  2. luxsonic5 Says:

    Did it cure yours completely?Thanx!

  3. stretcherbearer Says:

    Just leave it on until it either dries or gets rubbed off. I just try to leave it on for as long as possible. Its still doing the job.

  4. luxsonic5 Says:

    @stretcherbearer do u just leave it on or for how long do you leave it on or rinse?

  5. stretcherbearer Says:

    Five topical applications of dental bleach has all but cleared the fungus from my great toe nail. The fungus was black as coal and now if you didn’t know it had been there you couldn’t see it at all.

  6. Wenona1975 Says:

    coconut! it’s naturally antifungal. eat the meat and oil, drink the juice and milk. Apply the oil to the affected nails. It’s moisturizing, smells good, non-toxic, food, you can keep using it after the infection is gone so no money is wasted.

  7. gtuabc Says:

    but how long and how many times?

  8. JohnnyRock2000 Says:

    1. carefully thin the nail as thin as possible with a dremmel tool. Take it slow and easy. The nail will be more transparent and a little sensitive when done. Use lots of anti-fungal cream on and around nail. Bandage with waterproof adhesive tape and leave on overnight. Do it for a week.

  9. godwinkkh Says:

    yep!!…also vinegar works 2


    Continued from first post: I can see no way the cost of such medicine can be justified. Is the treatment coming from the sweat off the back of a Peruvian flea! Do they have to hike to some remote place and collect this sweat off of 1000 fleas to get one dose? No, it’s just taking advantage of someones feelings and comfort. There are good home remedies that can cure this. You industry guys will just have to lower your standards and settle for the CLS-Class Mercedes instead of the S-Class.


    OK you lost me at the $700 and up thing…and I am going to tell you why….Yes this is a cosmetic thing…and most insurance companies will not pay for it….Now HERE IS THE CATCH.. Why is this cosmetic illness… just a fungus under a nail that’s all right? … There are many illnesses that one can die from without treatment… that don’t have a $ ring that high. So this like most cosmetic surgery, is absolutley overpriced because it appeals… to how a person feels about themselves. Ripoff!

  12. Titan752 Says:

    Here’s a simple solution: a spoonful of chlorine bleach to a gallon of water… (prescribed by my doctor).
    It will take a few weeks, but it works.

  13. Johnnygyro Says:

    Hey Carp, what do you think about Dr. Blaine’s Tineacide?

  14. Bedeborah Says:

    Thank you Carpjm for this great information. I was wondering about the dryness around the lower extremeties. You are absolutely wonderful and so very helpful.

  15. bladegeo Says:

    vicks clear my toes nail in a year works great.also mix with vinger soak.and keep cutting the bad nail or nails untill the new one comes out.also nitrate %

  16. moviedude22 Says:


  17. bengalboi77 Says:

    im trying a method where u use a mixture of listerine and distilled vinegar. soaking your toes in the mxture for 30 minutes a day for 3 days then take 3 days off and repeat until its gone. i have looked this up thouroughly on the internet and have seen many testimonies that it works. just make sure u dont use the green listerine because it will turn your feet green lol

  18. weilandjason Says:

    diff dx: psoriasis, yellow nail syndrome, lichen (purple, polygonal, plaques, wichams striae)

    Winter eczema = fungal infection? curious

    Total chemical matrixectomy works every time, well ok 98% of the time.

    ciclopirox topical works as good as spit, and I am being serious.

  19. vvarway Says:

    All you need to do is to soak your feet in a mixture of regular stone ground cornmeal and water. Do that a couple of times a week for maybe 15 to 30 minutes at a time and it will be gone. As an organic gardener, cornmeal is used to get rid of a lot of fungus things in the yard. Turns out it works on people too!

  20. carpjm Says:

    Toe surgery does not work.

  21. jamesyireland Says:

    Oh and what about toe surgery? I mean why not just surgically remove a part of the nail and treat the affected area directly with anti fungal drugs. Surely that would be the most effective way of treating it, rather than nuking your liver with oral medication!

  22. jamesyireland Says:

    I used a lacquer product made in France called ‘Loceryl’. It cleared a fair amount of it but it only really stopped it from spreading further rather than curing it. It was quite expensive too about 60 euro for a tiny 5ml bottle. I’m gonna try ZetaClear and see how that goes although I am skeptical.

  23. Claudia2288 Says:

    my toe nails are badly destroyed by the fungi, and it seems I cannot find the solution… they’re too badly damaged, what can I do?

  24. deanyorks Says:

    A well presented video!

    I feel sorry for American people having to pay such a lot of money to get rid of fungal toe-infection. I had this infection in all my toes and have been using lamisil for the past 6 months. All my toes are now clear apart from one, which will require another couple of months treatment. I was initially worried about using lamisil, as I had read that these tablets can lead to long term liver damage. But I have had my liver tested & it was fine. Lamisil is COOL! Try it!

  25. mgamez09 Says:

    how long does it take to cure and of course you have to get a prescription from the dr right? are they pills or cream

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