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Lamisil Digger

A commercial for lamisil featuing a toenail infection Digger.

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What is the best way to get rid of a nail fungus naturally?

mstrywmn asked:

I have tried every over-the-counter medication and prescription nail product that you apply over/on the nail, incl. White Iodine, tea tree oil, peroxide, lamisil cream, Penlac Nail Laquer & none of them have worked. I know you have to do it over a long period because of the slow nail growth, so I have. My doctors won’t prescribe the Lamisil tablets for me because I’m diabetic and take too many other oral medications that can affect the liver. This drives me crazy, because I live in the tropics where we wear sandals most of the time. Aslo sometimes it’s painful & very itchy. Lately I lost a toe nail, now it’s starting to grow back & looks awful. Any MD’s out there? Plz help.
I & my home are very clean. This fungus was caused by a previous injury to my toe. Diabetics have this problem often & strong antibiotics such as cytromax get rid of everything except fungus.


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Most Effective Product To Treat Toe Nail Fungus?

Sherri T asked:

My husband has suffered from a re-occuring toe nail fungus condition for many years. He’s tried lamisil and a couple of other similar products we saw in stores, but nothing seems to work. His toenails are getting more yellow in color and uglier. Any suggestions on a more effective toenail fungus treatment product? Please advise. Thanks for your help.


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Has anyone ever taken Lamisil tablets for Toe nail fungus?

disney_fan201 asked:

My doctor is about to prescribe me lamisil tablets for my toe nail fungus. I know it can cause liver damage and they said that’s why they monitor your blood work every month. I am still scared to take it.

Has anyone ever taken it?
How did it work?
Did you have any side effects?
Did it clear up your infection?


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How to cure a nail fungus?

alfeebester asked:

I’ve had this nail fungus for years now and I don’t know how to get rid of it. I started taking Lamisil tabs but they are so expensive ($350/month supply) and my insurance will no longer pay for it. I have heard of using vinegar, tea tree oil and hydrogen peroxide. Has anyone had any success with any of these remedies? Or other ones?


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