Toe Nail Fungus and Dry Hard Cracked Heels

RobDLion asked:

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23 Comments For This Post

  1. damarisong Says:


    do you wash off the vinegar after you spray it on? the best vinegar is organic apple cider vinegar with “the mother”



    what vinager will work most effectively ? i mean my fungus is bad but my feet arent very cracked. i just want to get my nails pink again i mean its just embarrising.

  3. mikehall935 Says:


    Thats All Bullshit, I did it for 6 month twice a day and all i got was pickled feet, Really didnt do a fuckin thing. 6 months wasted…what Crap!!

  4. alexanderthegreat117 Says:


    THEY FALL OFF are joking does it hurt

  5. guymanunc Says:


    i hope this works on my heels

  6. redneck500 Says:


    I fixed it with this new thing they got called Pedi Egg, works great took 10 years from calus from my heels!! give it a try only 10 bucks!

  7. PornoPlaylist Says:


    update: I actually discovered this video two days ago and I’ve been doing the vinegar treatments for two days now. So far so good. the side of my foot is sooo much softer than it used to be. Im only using it once a day but its still working really well.
    do you still do this everyday now that your feet are better or every so often?
    thanks again!!!!

  8. RobDLion Says:


    Dude, your heels will be like new in no time flat. Start doing it today!

  9. RobDLion Says:


    All my doing, no meds. Have you tried it yourself?

  10. RobDLion Says:


    Most likely your nail will fall off but a new one will grow back in it’s place.

  11. RobDLion Says:


    Yes I really do. My wife was jealous and asked me what I was doing to get my feet so soft. I showed her and now she soaks in vinegar for an hour every weekend just for maintenance.
    Good Luck to you.

  12. PornoPlaylist Says:


    Did you really have baby feet (soft feet)? I saw the result pics and your feet look really good.

  13. voidstorm Says:


    Fungus doesn’t like acid conditions much at all, so I can see why this would help.

    Vinegar, being a weak acid, soaks the nail without doing serious harm to the skin with any rapidity.

    While it wouldn’t be smart to allow the vinegar to dry out (thus concentrating the acid and perhaps causing irritation to your otherwise healthy skin) you ought to be fine to allow it to work for a few minutes, then swill thoroughly.

    As with anything you try like this, stop use if you get any adverse effects :)

  14. kat21sd Says:


    Try Bleach for the Fungus ,yes clothes bleach it works ,just be careful

  15. RobDLion Says:


    I have updated the blog with new pics and status.

  16. crazyzeldakid Says:


    i have fungus under one big toe and its started to separate the nail from the skin. if i try to get rid of it will my nail re attach?

  17. RTSLAVE Says:


    where’s the pics of the progress?
    did the vinegar work? i heard that vicks vapor rub also works?

  18. RobDLion Says:


    The longer you soak it the better! After soaking I do not shower it off, I wait till morning then after I shower I spray it on and leave it again.
    30 – 60 days should treat your feet depends on how severe the case.

  19. ceh333 Says:


    looking forward to your progress. Is this all you’re doing or are you taking meds?

  20. jsncirca Says:


    oh yeah also do you just stay there for a while and then wash the vinegar off or do u keep the vinegar on till u shower???

  21. jsncirca Says:


    dude how long do u think it will take for a bad case of the toe funk???

  22. RobDLion Says:


    It’s all ready working. My heel is half of what it was and my toe nail has cleared up a lot. I will post new pictures soon.

  23. redneck500 Says:


    let me know how that works out cause i got the same problem as you accept my heels are cracked a hell of a lot worse than yours :(

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