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Toe Nail Fungus Documentry

HairExpertFranco asked:

I am doing a documentry on trying to get rid of a ToeNail Fungus using a Nail Softening Cream for two weeks prior to using a topical Anti Fungal Formula to kill the ToeNail Fungus.


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16 Comments For This Post

  1. watchensee Says:


    I don’t know if it would get rid of nail fungus? But I hear yogurt helps fight fungus infections. :)

  2. Eltigredeuruguay Says:


    What is the component whet contain the mix of the cream? I need that cream…i don’t can to find in walmart or CVS,etc..please,helpme! thank you!

  3. Adeeva30 Says:


    Dude, all you need to do is soak your feet in equal parts warm water and apple cider vinegar for 30 mins… then dry you feet thoroughly then apply 100% pure tea tree oil to the nail and cuticles or you could use Vicks vapour rub… do that every night for 8 weeks and the fungus will be totally gone.. new nail will grow back in around the 3rd month..

  4. thebitterandtoxicend Says:


    Why don’t you just paint all your toenails white?? 0.o You then might not have to worry about nasty toenails!! :D Problem solved :]

  5. DartmouthAlum96 Says:


    Why don’t you just have the toenail removed?

  6. staraction Says:


    a friend of mine had toe fungus and i suggest him to use vicks vapor rub and he used it for 5 weeks and his fungus is no more…seriously

  7. balloonxxx Says:


    informative videos guy, I saw that, it was not pleasant…

  8. informativevideos1 Says:


    hey you should check out my page for a video of me sawing off my fungal infected toenail with a hack saw…! hahahaha it didnt hurt me though…

  9. jackstitty Says:


    i had that when i was younger,,,it just disappeared,,,after i spent mad money on perscriptions….its still a little yellow in a corner but it looks normal,,,,iv noticed other people have yellow nails and dont have a fungas

  10. diaztitino Says:


    wow i’ve had mine on for the same amount of time but if your toenail does come out healthy please share the health,i’ve tried a couple other methods but none work and i am so tired of my fungus so we’ll see right ? please keep in touch obout your cure

  11. ajhgfhgjbjhbjhb Says:


    yeah i have the same problem

  12. HairExpertFranco Says:


    Hello Again, There is no name right now it is a compound my Friend that is a Pharmacist mixed for me. If my Toenail grows out healthy after all this we will try to make it available.

  13. HairExpertFranco Says:


    Hello, It has been bothering me for a long time I just decided there had to be a way to fix it.

  14. ajhgfhgjbjhbjhb Says:


    whats the nail softener called?

  15. ajhgfhgjbjhbjhb Says:


    its so embrassing foreals i **** it :-(

  16. kat21sd Says:


    how did it work

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