HairExpertFranco asked:

Hello it’s the 24th Day since I started my Documentry. I am applying the Anti-Fungal Treatment daily and wrapping up the Toe and waiting to see how it grows in. I’m not coming on everyday as Toenails grow slowly.


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17 Comments For This Post

  1. babicz Says:


    hahahahahhha how is this spam??!?! it’s just hilarious

  2. staraction Says:


    if you use vicks for 24 days, religiously and wash your feet and then dry it them up and use vicks and then you use a band aid then it will heal pretty much the same way as in here

  3. rachel19977 Says:


    I’ve been using Vicks, how was he using it? t’s not working for me.

  4. staraction Says:


    dude, you can use vicks vapor rub for the same amount of days and it will work…my friend did that as an experiment because several fungus treatments did not work on him so, he waxs desperate and it worked..his toe is like new.,.

  5. jrubball Says:


    I heard sticking your toe nail up your *** for 15 min a day will cure fungus. The fecal residual actually kills this type of fungi

  6. sparky2max Says:


    wow it work . Is it hurt? Anybody tried Tea tree oil yet ?
    The man said hit with the hammer?

  7. spqa2004 Says:


    Hyrdogen Peroxide works pretty well. When I started putting Hydrogen Peroxide on my infected toenail, I noticed it was getting better. Unfortunately, I got a new job and I wear my shoes ALL day for like 14 hours straight. So I haven’t seen any progress… If anything, it could be slowly worsening.

  8. speechless00 Says:


    I see that its working!

  9. anthonykent69 Says:


    What pre softening compound did you use?

  10. rachel19977 Says:


    What is the progress now? What are you covering your nail with and how long do you cover it each day? You wear socks over it? Have you tried ViCKS treatment?

  11. smalls777 Says:


    why don’t you wear gloves when touching the fungus toe nail? you can transfer the fungus to other nails.

  12. walyll0 Says:


    so it looks as if the fungus lives in the skin under the nail?? cause if it were just under the nail as i had thought removing the nail would have fixed the problem interesting

  13. 09MONAVIE Says:


    When are you going to post some more videos? We all wanna see you results so far!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. rachel19977 Says:


    Hmmm good, I need to get these products!

  15. billm5 Says:


    what r u using to cure nail fungus

  16. billm5 Says:


    i have the same problem can u please tell us the stuff that you are using for the nail fungus

  17. lababyQ Says:


    I wonder if you are going to continue sharing what is going to happen with your infected toe nail?

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